We Do All Brand Name All-In-One PC Desktop Repairs.


All-In-One PC Desktop Repair Specialist
We offer any brand, any model repair services to nation wide customers. Our All-In-One PC desktop repair services range from no power troubleshooting, cracked screen replacement, operating system optimization & restoration, power jack replacement, hardware upgrade, and our major flat rate motherboard repair. Below is the price list on our all-in-one desktop flat rate motherboard repair:

Brand Name

Motherboard Flat Rate Repair

LCD Replacement (Varies)

HP Motherboard

$150 - $250

Sony Motherboard $150 - $250
Gateway Motherboard $150 - $250
Dell Motherboard $150 - $250
Toshiba Motherboard $150 - $250
Lenovo Motherboard $150 - $250
Acer Motherboard $150 - $250
ASUS Motherboard $150 - $250
MSI Motherboard $150 - $250


* Prices listed above are for reference only. Actual cost may be different depending on specific   issues. Parts are included on cracked LCD replacement. Prices are different based on size.   Motherboard Flat Rate Repair covers the defective components within motherboard only (CPU &   memory are excluded), anything beyond that will be extra.


* All PC brands, product names, logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their   respective holders, and are hereby acknowledged.